Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to questions we are asked about the most.
Up to $1000.00 the first time and $1500.00 thereafter (contingent upon income level and various underwriting criteria). There are times when you may not be able to borrow as much as you would like, but our loans are not designed as a solution to long term financial problems.
The total cost depends on the amount borrowed and your history with the company, and will be explicitly stated in the loan document before you make any commitment.
The online loans application is confidential, and your personal information will be treated accordingly. Look for the lock icon at the top of your browser to ensure a secure form. We take our customers’ desire for privacy in managing their personal finances very seriously.
The application for a loan is completely free! Rapital Capital will NEVER require any form of payment prior to the origination of your loan.
Once your application is submitted, you will be notified instantly if you are approved, pending verification with customer service. To increase the success of your application, please only apply to one website and payoff any outstanding Rapital Capital loans.
Your cash will be electronically deposited directly into your checking account.
No collateral is required. If you have bad credit, a bankruptcy, or no credit at all, a Rapital Capital loan may be the perfect solution for you.
Schedule of payments varies according to size of loan and other factors. Please refer to your personal loan document.
You will generally receive your money within the next business day.
Your payments dates are determined during the application processed and are always available for you on your loan agreement. Once signed you agree to make the minimum payments shows. To increase your payments, you may log into your online portal and adjust your future payments.
You can apply for a new loan immediately after your loan is paid off. We generally recommend that you wait 3 business days to reapply.